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Smart Technology Services

is a French company providing technical support, maintenance, spare parts and second hand card personalization and production equipment. One of our key values is the technical background of our experts team, who has more than 20 years experience in international smart card business technical support. Their Hardware, Software & Process skills allow them to ensure our customers a high quality support. We also provide quality spare parts at competitive prices.

Going forward…

Card market has evolved over the last few years, huge cards batches are becoming smaller and smaller, especially in banking business. Furthermore, emerging new technologies, i.e. biometric sensor technology requires to have constantly updated and secured equipement. Aiming to provide prompt response to these specific requirements, STS has designed and developped its own desktop solutions, such as :


STS company profile


Our future has an history:

Smart Technology Services history dates back to 2013 with spare parts and support services. STS has grown over the years, by diversifying its core business, products & market by launching new innovative solutions, the last of which is a Laser Desktop Card Personalization system: the SE30.

  • August 2013: STS creation
  • January 2015: SE1000 modular Desktop Personalization solution launch
  • March 2017: first SE1000 sales to Idemia India
  • April 2018: partnership with FINGERPRINTS Cards AB Sweden for T-Shape Biometric sensor Laminating and Embedding process
  • November 2018: partnership with ZWIPE for Biometric payment cards
  • January 2019: SI700 automatic Embedding system launch for chips and FPC Biometric Sensors
  • June 2019: SI20 Desktop Manual Embedding for Chips, Contact Plates & Biometric sensors launch
  • September 2020: SPu20 Desktop Manual Punching launch
  • Nov 2021: SE30 Desktop Laser personalization launch
  • March 2022: first SE30 sale in Turkey to personalize AMEX Metal Cards 
  • May 2022: the SE30 supports the IPI Security Printing Technology from Jura JSP of Austria/Hungary
  • June 2022: SI20 and SI700 equipment can now support FPC1323 FINGERPRINT new generation sensors
  • January 2023: the SE30 supports the MP InformatikaÏ (Hungary) Color QR Code Technology
  • July 2023: STS expends its capabilities, moving to 800 m2 premises