Zwipe and Smart Technology Services launch partnership to reduce time to market and cost of manufacturing biometric payment cards

Published on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

OSLO, NORWAY – 21 NOVEMBER 2018 – Biometric technology company Zwipe and production equipment manufacturer Smart Technology Services (STS) are proud to announce a partnership to jointly develop, test and launch a complete manufacturing solution allowing card manufacturers and issuers to easily implement a proven production environment for biometric payment cards. Smart Technology Services is a company with a successful track record of providing innovative manufacturing solutions to some of the world’s largest card manufacturers. The emerging biometric payment card segment has been identified by the company as the next major market opportunity in the payment cards industry. STS has developed a specific implanting module to support the embedding of biometric touch sensor modules into smartcards. The cooperation will provide a manufacturing solution combining Zwipe’s expertise in biometric technologies with STS’ know-how in engineering manufacturing solutions for smartcards using fingerprint authentication components.

“The use of biometric cards is the perfect solution to respond to today’s requirement for financial cards to move to more convenience and security», said Thierry Buisson, Smart Technology Services CEO. “The implementation of fingerprint sensors in ISO-thin payment cards presents some manufacturing challenges and requires particular manufacturing and testing processes that we believe we have made the most advancements in the world in addressing. Zwipe’s and Smart Technology Services’ joint offering will eliminate the need for card manufacturers and issuers to conduct long, complex and expensive experiments before finding the right solution to manufacture and deploy biometric cards, ensuring that we will offer the most competitive and agile solution to this rapidly growing marketplace”, Thierry added.

Through this partnership, the companies will collaborate to develop and market packaging solutions including chip and sensor packaging, adhesion processes, equipment manufacturing, process settings, test procedures and technical assistance allowing a card manufacturer or issuer to quickly set up a proven and tested solution to produce and personalize biometric payment cards.

Commenting on this important partnership CEO of Zwipe, André Løvestam said “This close collaboration will further strengthen our capacity to efficiently facilitate mass market adoption of our technology, contributing to the streamlining of the production process for card manufacturers and working closely with STS on engineering support for card manufacturers to bring Zwipe-enabled biometric payment cards to market at scale.” The companies intend to release and promote a complete manufacturing solution for biometric cards in Q1 2019.


About Smart Technology Services

Founded in 2013 in France and already working with 60 customer sites worldwide, Smart Technology Services provides high level support services and card personalization solutions to card manufacturers and bureaus. The company provides services support activities for card central issuance systems, second hand systems, and supplies the Smart Evol 1000 – a fully modular mid-range card production and personalization system that perfectly fits between Central Issuance and Desktop systems. Please visit for further information. Contact +33(0)2 34 59 84 70


About Zwipe

Zwipe is a technology solution provider that enables battery-less, ultra-low-power, self-contained biometric authentication solutions. Together with an ecosystem of partners including global brands within security, financial services and ID applications, Zwipe is “Making Convenience Secure™” for banks, merchants and consumers. Using advanced fingerprint recognition while protecting personal information, Zwipe’s solutions address the data theft pitfalls inherent in traditional authentication methods. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Zwipe has spent the last 10 years developing its unique power harvesting technology platform in combination with security solutions based on international infrastructure standards. To learn more, visit Media Contact for Zwipe: Ado Fazlic, VP Marketing, +47 930 44 040