Beautiful Card Corporation begins production of biometric payment cards with Smart Technology Services

Published on Thursday, June 17, 2021

Taipei, Taiwan and Orleans, France – 17 June 2021

Beautiful Card Corporation (BCC) has deployed Smart Technology Services production equipment to respond to the challenging and growing biometric payment card market in Asia Pacific. BCC is listed as the largest card manufacturer in Taiwan, the 2nd largest in Asia and 7th in the world.
Smart Technology Services (STS) is an equipment manufacturer that started to develop manufacturing solutions for dual interface biometric payment cards in its early stage and can now offer a complete environment, as well as its expertise and support, to produce such cards.
“The manufacturing of dual interface biometric payment cards presents some challenges and requires particular manufacturing and testing processes that we believe we have made the most advancements in the world in addressing.” Says Thierry Buisson, STS CEO. “BCC is a historical partner as we collaborate with them in various areas for several years, and we are very enthusiastic in participating with them in the deployment of this new card product and in sharing our experience in that field”, Thierry added.
“Since 2019 both companies worked in the development and fine-tuning of a manufacturing process for biometric payment cards and we are very pleased with the results,” says Mrs. Peggy Wu, CEO and Chairman of BCC. “The new production environment installed in Taiwan by STS perfectly responds to our need in terms of stability of the process and flexibility as well as the equipment solution delivered by STS can be easily adapted to support various types of components”, Peggy added.
The solution implemented in Taiwan by STS includes the new SI700 automatic embedding system, allowing producing biometric cards in volumes, and the recently released SI20 semi-automatic implementation system that facilitates process developments and testing.


About BCC

Beautiful Card Corporation (BCC) was founded in October 1991. BCC has state-of-the-art equipment and professional specialists to fulfil their consistent management policy of providing high-quality products with competitive price. Since BCC’s founding, they have been developing new technology in card industry as well as continuously putting efforts to the innovation and improvement of all sorts of cards. Thanks to their continuous efforts, BCC’s capacity was recognized and approved by customers all over the world. BCC’s annual capacity now reaches 200 million Scratch cards, 300 million GSM SIM cards, 20 million EMV cards. BCC has obtained ISO 9001 / IS27001/ ISO14001/ ISO 45001/ ISO14298/MasterCard CQM / Visa / MasterCard / JCB / GSM SAS certifications. Media Contact for Beautiful Card Corporation:


About STS

Founded in 2013 in France, Smart Technology Services provides high level support services and card personalization solutions to card manufacturers and bureaus worldwide. The company provides services support activities for card central issuance systems and second-hand systems. It also supplies a range of desktop and mid-range systems, allowing producing and personalizing contact, dual interface, and biometric cards.
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